ResidentUtility™ is a robust billing and utility management solution built to increase your asset value without increasing your workload. Its paperless convergent billing and collection system accelerates property cash flow, cuts expenses, pleases residents, and generates new ancillary revenue. In short, ResidentUtility will grow your NOI and asset value.

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Increased NOI

Boost your properties' value by increasing collection rates and ancillary income.

Performance Assessment

We perform a thorough consultation to determine if the product is the right fit, based on a review of 14 common areas of performance improvements.

NOI Reporting

Real-time reports let you check key performance metrics for your whole portfolio or a specific property.

Vacant Cost Management and Recovery

An intuitive vacant cost management interface minimizes the amount of energy consumed by more than 50 percent in vacant units.

Resident Utility Property Solutions Increased NOI

Convergent Billing

Reduce the amount of working capital needed to
manage billing and utilities while reducing
rent delinquencies by an average of 20%.

True Convergent Billing

A single bill contains all utility and lease charges the property wants to collect. Pet fees, cable, trash removal, rent, utilities can all be included and paid online.

No Double Entry

With just a single payment, our system automatically associates all the correct amounts with your general ledger, dramatically reducing management workload.

Ratio Utility Billing

Calculate a resident's utility bill based on occupancy, apartment square footage, number of beds, and more.

Sub Metered Billing

We only bill your residents based on their actual consumption resulting in conservation and overall reduced utility costs. We also provide reporting on the health of your meter systems at a portfolio, property and unit level that includes leak detection and meter flags.

Utility Invoice Processing

Precise data entry and quick access to all of your utility bills.

Direct Data Entry

Your property's invoices are mailed directly to our utility experts who enters all expenses and consumption information. That data integrates with our accounting software and invoice images are digitally stored for future access.

Reliable Processing

Every Bill is subjected to double-entry accounting & data validation to verify accuracy before you even see it.

Immediate Availability

Bills are processed and available for Payment within 24 hours of receipt, so your accounts payable is always accurate and up to date. No more late fees!

Data Audits

All your information is audited and resolved by trained utility billing specialists for quality assurance and accuracy. This means fewer mistakes and more money saved.

Resident Utility Property Solutions Increased NOI

Complete and Compliant

Our clients trust us with over $9 billion in transactions annually.


With PCI, MITS, and SAS70 Certifications you can trust us to process your payments securely and accurately.

Regulatory Management

Our team of lawyers compile and maintain a regulatory and legal database for all US jurisdictions. Our billing system enforces all relevant laws and regulations according to your property's zip code, so you never have to worry about billing errors. That includes utility laws and regulations, submetering rules, rules with late fees and convergent billing, and more.

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Entrata PaaS

ResidentUtility is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all data and reporting, as well as any other tools that you have enabled. Get the most out of ResidentUtility by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

Combine Resident Utility with robust accounting, purchasing, leasing and rents and facilities management to get the most comprehensive billing solution.


Seamlessly integrate online payments to get the most out of ResidentUtility.


Give your residents 24-hour access to pay rent, submit work orders, or just find out what is happening in and around your community.

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