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Jul 14

Proven Ways to Increase Online Payments: Webinar Recap

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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.46.51 AMYesterday the Property Solutions team hosted a webinar featuring Kate Hampton, VP of ResidentPay at Property Solutions, Michael Wise, Director of Marketing and Leasing at RAM Partners, and Celeste Boyce, Associate Product Manager at Property Solutions. During the webinar the team discussed the strategies and tactics of how to get more on-site teams and residents to adopt online payment principles. Michael and Celeste also dug into the particulars of the free paperless payment program and how it was successful at RAM Partners.


Jul 14

Summit Session Preview: Automating Communications

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Over 12 million emails are sent through Property Solutions’ systems each month. And with that much industry-specific communication happening, you can learn a thing or two if you’re paying attention. We’ve put some of our brightest minds on the task of breaking down the best communication strategies: when to do it yourself, when to outsource, and when to automate. They’ve worked with our clients to prepare a session for the fast-approaching Property Solutions Summit. Read on for a preview of their thoughts on communication automation: continue

Jul 14

Proven Ways to Increase Online Payments

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online rent payments, awareness campaign, facebook Just three months after announcing our Paperless Payment Program to the industry, we’re starting to see the results. And, just as we expected, they’re consistently great. As more and more properties make a culture shift toward online payments, residents are embracing the technology and convenience offered by the ability to pay their rent from any computer or smartphone.


Michael Wise, Director of Marketing and Leasing at RAM Partners, LLC, is working closely with his properties to message online payments to residents.  In conjunction with the Independence Day holiday, properties posted Facebook messages like this one which reads “This week, we celebrate the many FREEDOMS we enjoy. Don’t forget, you can submit your rent payment online: FOR FREE! Ask your local RAM Leasing Team how.” continue

Jun 14

Property Solutions’ 2014 Summit

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user conference property solutions summit multifamilyProperty Solutions is pleased to announce our second annual user Summit on September 10-12 in beautiful Park City, Utah. Like last year, we’re gearing up to offer a lot of great food, fun, and valuable information for all attendees.


For two and a half days in September we’ll bring leaders from every corner of the industry together in the mountaintops of Utah. From marketing to accounting, IT, and operations, we share a common goal of finding ways to innovate and improve our space. When you get that many smart people working toward a common purpose, incredible things happen. continue

May 14

Make Google Your Friend… with Benefits: Webinar Recap

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google updates places plus seo ppc apartment internet marketing search online website

On Wednesday, the Property Solutions team hosted a webinar featuring Jeffrey Burnell, VP of Marketing at Waypoint Residential, and Ryan Hill, SEO Manager at Property Solutions. During the webinar, Jeffrey discussed the benefits he and Waypoint Residential have seen from using Property Solutions online marketing services. Jeffrey also discussed Waypoint Residential’s strategy for boosting online ratings and reviews.


Ryan discussed how Google’s products are integrated, and how using a strategic mix can bring more traffic to continue

May 14

10th Annual MHN Tech Choice Awards

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MHN tech choice 2014 2015 multi-housing news property solutions vote voting poll This year marks the 10th anniversary of the MHN Tech Choice Awards—One of the industry’s foremost awards programs for multifamily software and tech services.  Property Solutions is honored to be nominated in a record-breaking 11 categories—from online payments to mobile apps and a bunch in between. To all our friends, partners, team members, and clients, we’d love for you to please take a moment and place your vote.


For 5 consecutive years, Property Solutions has taken MHN Tech Awards for portals and payments, in addition to SiteTablet’s First Place honor as “Most Innovative Multi-Housing Technology” in 2011. As the versatility continue

May 14

Advanced SEO Results for Associated Estates’ New Websites

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apartment seo online search property solutions associated estates ppc sem remarketing mobileWould a dancer keep their performance in the studio? Does an artist leave their portrait on the easel? Can Oreo cookies bring smiles to the planet if they remain in their plastic trays? How will the public ever benefit from a composition unless it’s granted an audience?


That was the strategic consideration for Associated Estates at the launch of its 63 new websites for apartment communities from Metro Detroit to Florida’s Broward County. The new sites had real-time pricing/availability, online applications, live chat, resident portals, and a variety of features and tools to make apartment search and online management as quick continue

May 14

Google’s Rules for SEO

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apartment internet marketing online search google plus places maps seo sem ppcThe biggest factor in your SEO efforts can be boiled down to six letters: Google. With the recent announcement that Vic Gundotra, the guy who created Google+, is leaving Google, you may think that Google+ is safe to ignore.  But, while it will likely never be a social network on the level of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it can still have a significant effect on your SEO.


Along with Google+, optimizing for Google Maps, Local Pages, Google Places, and Paid Search is critical. All of these components are integrated and, when your foundation is built correctly, they go a long way toward making Google your friend. Let’s face it, once you’re friends with Google the benefits are huge. Increased organic traffic, more qualified leads, and more efficient continue

May 14

Escape Bad Software

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property management software pm entrata break free prison freedom property solutionsIt’s time to escape. Your current property management software has trapped you into using a product that is slow, costly, and outdated. Are you stuck making the best of awkward integrations, bad work-arounds, and risky browser requirements? (Seriously! The recent IE security flaw was no joke.) Is your company paying way too much for licensing and integration fees? Do you have to remember dozens of logins just to manage the day-to-day tasks of running a property, or even worse, are you spending even more money on software to manage all of your passwords for you? Enough is enough!


Entrata is the only software platform available today in the multifamily industry that is built on a single database. We’ve been beating the Platform as a Service (PaaS) drum for a while and you may be wondering what’s the big deal. In a word, it’s revolutionary. We’ve created a continue

Apr 14

Internet Explorer’s Major Security Flaw

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internet explorer ie vulnerability fireeye property management software RealPage MRI YardiLast weekend security firm FireEye discovered a flaw in Internet Explorer browser versions 6 through 11 which leaves users susceptible to complete system compromise. Anyone using IE becomes vulnerable to attack when hackers gain access around a widely-known security bypass and install malicious software without the user’s knowledge.


As Microsoft explained in its official advisory posted April 26, the hackers are able to breach each user’s admin accounts to the full extent of whatever permissions we’ve been granted. “If the current user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system,” Microsoft stated. continue