ResidentInsure™ *

With ResidentInsure™, your residents can access insurance seamlessly during the lead-to-lease process through your apartment website. Your residents can be instantly covered against theft, fire, liability and more. With 92% of losses less than $7,000 per incident, ResidentInsure covers the gap with your property's insurance.

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Double Conversion

Lower your risk by maximizing the number of renters enrolled
with your preferred provider. Double your enrollment and protection.

Integrated Leasing Process

Integration with Leasing Processes

ResidentInsure fits seamlessly into your lead-to-lease process, taking advantage of Property Solutions' best-of-breed integration to make our fast and easy enrollment a no-brainer for your residents.

Full Service Agency

ResidentInsure is a full-service, in-house insurance agency, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Property Solutions.

Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual Licensed Call Center

Our call center is staffed with licensed insurance agents who can answer questions in English or Spanish, provide quotes, and enroll residents in a policy.

Real-time Monitoring

Eliminate any surprises when you try to file a claim and make sure your residents are insured.

Reporting and Monitoring

Provide the best policy monitoring available, including real-time status on all ResidentInsure policies. You'll know exactly when residents enroll and when residents terminate their policy or allow it to expire.

Other Policy Providers

Our integrated administrative interface also allows you to monitor policies by other providers and request updates from residents.

Two-minute Enrollment

We make it easy for residents to get affordable renters insurance.

Online Enrollment

Residents can obtain a quote in just two clicks, with no confusing underwriting questions, no credit checks, and easy-to understand coverage options.

Custom Policies

Residents can customize their policies, including liability coverage, personal contents coverage, and deductible.

Multiple Payment Options

Residents can select payment by e-Check, debit, credit card, or cash payments via MoneyGram. Residents can also select automatic deductions on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Built on the Entrata PaaS

ResidentInsure is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all data and reporting, as well as any other tools that you have enabled. Get the most out of ResidentInsure by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

Get robust accounting, purchasing, leasing and rents and facilities management with the all-inclusive Entrata property management software.

Lease Execution  

Sign leases anytime and anywhere with digital signatures in a secure online environment.


Give your residents 24-hour access to pay rent, submit work orders, or just find out what is happening in and around your community.


Remove the roadblocks from the leasing process and transition applicants to residents faster than ever before.

*ResidentInsure™ is a product of Property Solutions Insurance Agency LLC, which is a subsidiary of Property Solutions International Inc.

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