LeaseExecution™ expedites the leasing and renewals process by allowing prospects and residents to sign leases anytime and anywhere with digital signatures in a secure environment. Leasing offices can also renew expiring leases months ahead of time with the ability to create automated renewal notifications and custom offers.

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Shorter Leasing Process

Executing a lease doesn't need to take days or weeks.

True Online Leasing

Complete the entire leasing process, from application to lease signing to approval, all from the convenience of your computer.

Lease Creation

Using information already gathered during the application, a new lease can be generated in minutes, with no need for manual data entry.


LeaseExecution allows for e-signatures from applicants, guarantors, and co-applicants, making leasing faster than ever before.

Automatic Notifications

Speed up the leasing process by sending instant notifications and reminders to all parties as soon as the next action is required.

Leasing Process Lease Execution Property Solutions

Improve Forecasting

Renew leases 5 to 10 days faster, resulting in more accurate vacancy forecasting.

LeaseExecution renewal Property Solutions

Renewal Notifications

Automate your renewals process and decide how many days in advance and how often renewal notifications reminders are sent.

Renewal Offers

Property managers can choose to offer individual promotions and concessions, adjust rent to match market rates, or automate the process for every resident.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Find out instantly how many agreements have been sent and how many have been signed.

Use Less Paper

Lease Execution eliminates the mess of storing and filing paperwork in your office.

Online Document Storage LeaseExecution

Online Document Storage

Every lease document is automatically stored in the residents profile and can be downloaded anytime.

Electronic Signature Act Compliant

All online leasing documents signed with
e-signature are legally binding, as per the Electronic Signature act.

E-sign Lease Execution

Entrata PaaS

LeaseExecution is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all data and reporting, as well as any other tools that you have enabled. Get the most out of LeaseExecution by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

Get robust accounting, purchasing, leasing and rents and facilities management with the all-inclusive Entrata property management software.


Create leases, sign with digital signature or send renewal offers, all from the convenience of your tablet.


Using data collected from ProspectPortal's online application, Lease Execution can automatically populate lease documents.


With ResidentVerify, there's no need to send applicants to a separate screening site. Complete resident screening right from the same place as your applications and online leasing.

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