ILS Portal®

ILS Portal® controls all of your online marketing with automated feeds to all major Internet Listing Services, and automatically integrates with your property management software. After a one-time setup, ILS Portal will instantly remove leased units and update all sites with any changes you make within your property management software.

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Save Time & Reduce Data Entry

Keep your property listings up-to-date without all the time and effort.

Automated ILS Integration Feeds

Allows properties to market and update bulk postings to all major internet listing services at once.

Guest Card Parsing

Eliminates the need for data entry by integrating leads from each ILS into your PM software for easy lead tracking.

Leads ILS Portal Property Solutions

Keep Messaging Consistent

Make sure prospects are getting the correct information no matter where they find you.

Syncs with
Property Website

All your information syncs with your property website to provide consistent availability, photos, and pricing.

Integrated Pricing

Pricing is shared between your property management software and major revenue management software programs.

We Haven’t Forgotten About Craigslist

Create an attractive Craigslist ad in seconds.

Ad Generation

Users can generate a listing - pricing, availability, floor plans, images - and add it within a clean HTML or text-based format.

Live Preview

View your ad as it is being created and see all changes instantly.

Ghosting Prevention

Pop-up warnings and ghosting reports will help decrease the likelihood of your ads getting ghosted.

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor multiple properties with a daily email report, and track the effectiveness of each ad through number of website visits, leads, calls, and leases.

ILS Portal ILS Portal ILS Portal

In setting up Property Solutions ILS Portal, I found the process to be very simple and visual. I like the fact that I get a confirmation email that the process is working and completed. Property Solutions has taken the guesswork and stress out of a very integral part of our online marketing. Thank you!

Laure Milliren, Marquette Management ILS Services

Laura Milliren

Marquette Management, 10,337 units

Be Informed

Manage and compare conversions, marketing spend, cost-per-lead, and cost-per-lease.

ILS Portal Marketing and Spend Reporting

ILS Marketing & Spend Reporting

Users can compare each ILS to see what is working best and how to decrease

Spend Reporting


Users can review lead generation reports that are automatically generated within the PS Admin dashboard.

Tracking Alerts

Tracking and Alerts

ILS Portal works with dynamic phone numbers, CallTracking™, and LeadAlert™ to inform leasing agents of incoming leads.

Entrata PaaS

ILS Portal is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all
data and reports. Get the most out of ILS Portal by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

Entrata is the core of all of the Property Solutions products and integrates seamlessly to achieve greater efficiency across the board


PricingPortal revenue management integrates with ILS Portal to push instant, real-time pricing to all of your internet listing services.

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