Entrata PaaS

Property Solutions built Entrata PaaS to take all your applications — websites, accounting, utilities, crm, reporting, insurance, payments, and more — and bring it together in one unified platform. PaaS, or Platform-as-a-Service, is an evolution of Software-as-a-Service. It’s a single login, free open API, unified reporting, and available on any browser or device. PaaS means you get a single interface with all our core services, built-in applications, and third-party integrations.

Entrata Platform as a Service (Paas) overview

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All the Tools you Need

Integrate all your applications into a single system without requiring work arounds or patchwork.

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Core Solutions

We've built our accounting, leasing and rents, purchasing, and facility management tools into the core of Entrata PaaS.
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Built-in Applications

Property management software isn't the only tool you need. All our marketing, leasing, and resident solutions are built into Entrata PaaS.

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Integrated App Store

Manage a variety of third-party services from our unique interface. It's a single sign on with the industry's best providers.

Here is What You Get For Free.

Not a free trial, not free for a limited time, not free-ish. FREE. That includes:

Property Management Software

With Entrata Core, including accounting, resident management, purchasing, and more, you won't ever pay a licensing or user fee.
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Free Integrations with
an Open API

We won’t charge you questionable fees to integrate your data. We won’t charge your vendor either. That’s money in your pocket.

Secure Document Storage

Upload, scan, and store documents to the cloud and access them from anywhere. Our quick search tool allows you to search by resident or unit to get what you need fast.

The Easiest-to-Use Platform Available

Designed to increase efficiency and decrease support and training costs.

Dedication to User Design

We focus extensively on designing interfaces based on the user. It's hours of research into process, leading design techniques, and testing to make our systems easier to use.

Access With Any Device or Browser

The Entrata PaaS is accessible on any browser without plug-ins or workarounds. It's even compatible across any smartphone or tablet.

Single Sign-On

A sign of a true platform is the ability to sign in once and get all your applications in one system. Don't depend on twenty sticky notes to remember them all anymore.

Take Advantage of a Multi-Tenant Architecture

Don't fret the problems of the past. Multi-tenant architecture gives your portfolio
a single database for easy scalability and simplified property management.

Quicker Reporting

Reporting shouldn't take days while you shut down operations. Reporting is easier, quicker, and more accurate with a single database.


Add a property on your own, add some residents,
and a few products and your system is up and running.

First Ever Multifamily App Store

Access third-party applications from the same system you use everyday.
Just click on the application, sign in, and you've officially simplified your software.

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