ProspectPortal® is a complete marketing website solution that showcases your listing in real-time and provides prospects with the content needed to convert. It acts as your most powerful lead conversion tool to help you fill apartments at a very low cost-per-lease.

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Generate More Leads

The most advanced and efficient tools in the industry to capture and funnel traffic online.

Real-time Availability

Our advanced integration and real-time availability allow prospects to select floorplans, check availability and review pricing all in real-time.

Guest Card Integration

All captured guest cards will fully integrate with your property management or lead management software.

Live Chat & LeadAlert™

Download a free live chat window that resides on your taskbar and alerts you when prospects reach out by phone, text, guest card, or chat

Lead Generation ProspectPortal Property Solutions

Increase Conversion

ProspectPortal offers a research driven, highly structured layout
to keep users interested and on your site longer.

User Informed Interface Prospect Portal

User Informed Interface

Our teams have spent months testing our sites through input, observation and feedback from users who were currently in the market for rental properties.

Tracking & Reporting

Robust reporting tracks lead sources, marketing ROI, and abandonment rates so you can easily follow up or spend your budget wiser.

tracking report prospect portal

3d floor plan viewer prospect portal

Multiple Floor Plan Views

Floor plans can be viewed as High Rise, 2D, 3D, and Aerial View to ensure that prospects get a more real-life view.

Control Your Online Presence

Add fresh content, enter SEO keywords, or switch to a new design with just a few clicks.

SEO Toolkit

We provide all the tools to control
your own content and meta-data.
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Extensive Theme Gallery

Take your pick and brand it your own
with the best looking and most
functional websites available.
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Themed Widgets

Tailor your site with a variety of custom widgets and relevant contact information
to help capture interest at the most opportune time.

PropsectPortal Property Solutions testimonial Fairfield's story  
Theme Gallery ProspectPortal Property Solutions
Our property websites are consistently the highest source of leasing traffic for our properties. We’re not having to pay
large fees to the ILS advertising sources because we’ve been successful at driving traffic to our websites which were designed and managed for us by the folks at Property Solutions.

Doug Hastings, DEI Communities ProspectPortal

Doug Hastings

DEI Communities, 10,398 units

We are very happy... We get a professional, consistent, full-featured website and web presence for each of our properties that would cost 20 times or more than if we developed on our own sites integrated with property management software. Our relationship with Property Solutions has been a very positive experience.

 Leonard Frenkil, Jr., WPM Real Estate Management

Leonard Frenkil, Jr.

WPM Real Estate, 4,910 units

Prospect Portal online application, review, CMS

Tools that do the Heavy Lifting

We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to get your website working and converting prospects.

Ratings & Reviews

Solicit feedback from current residents, respond to their concerns, and automatically post approved comments to your website.

Online Applications

Applicants can login and fill out an online application that will collect all necessary information and fees.

Content Management System

Our content management system (CMS) is easy to use, filled with additional functionality, and provides complete flexibility.

Entrata PaaS

ProspectPortal is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all data and reporting, as well as any other tools that you have enabled. Get the most out of ProspectPortal by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

All property information is shared between the Entrata Core and ProspectPortal to increase conversion and achieve greater efficiency.


Keep your branding and information consistent from your resident portal and community website.

SEO Services  

Our SEO services will increase your ProspectPortal web traffic and help you
secure more guest cards.


Create a seamless transition from the application to lease signing from your ProspectPortal website.

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