LeadManager increases lead conversion, improves response speed, and maximizes your leads by consolidating all your guest card traffic into one efficient, easy-to-use dashboard. LeadManager makes management easy by compiling and organizing all of your leads sources whether it be walk-ins, phone calls, or online inquiries.

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Increase Conversion with the
Leasing Agent Dashboard

Lead traffic is consolidated into one central dashboard, making it easy to manage all of your lead sources.

Lead Manager Property Solutions Lead Manager Property Solutions Lead Manager Property Solutions Lead Manager Property Solutions

Lead Organization

LeadManager automatically groups leads into specific stages allowing you to see exactly where follow up needs to take place.

Reminders and Alerts

Leasing agents are able to efficiently manage lead actions using custom reminder alerts, Google calendaring, and more.

Efficient Reporting

Reporting is integrated across applications, guest cards, leases, and renewals, allowing you to track prospect and resident data and analyze workflow efficiency.

Make Better Marketing Decisions

With all the lead traffic and reporting captured in one spot, it's easy to compare results and make smart decisions on where to spend marketing dollars.

Lead Manager Property Solutions

Follow Up Made Easy

LeadManager provides tools to efficiently respond to your leads and also keeps track of all correspondence.

Lead Communication

Agents can bulk email special promos, send out availability alerts via text or even create a limitless number of automated responses.

Complete Lead History

The lead profile keeps record of all activities and tasks, including activities from other Property Solutions products.

Know Who You're Talking To

With LeadManager's call tracking and monitoring you'll know exactly
who's calling and how well your staff is communicating.

Call Tracking

Measure how employees are interacting with callers, where calls are coming from, who is calling, and more.

Call Analysis

Our team analyzes 10 qualified calls per agent each month and uses question forms, customized by you, to evaluate your agent's performance

Dynamic Number Replacement

Advertising traffic is monitored by providing a unique phone number on your website based on where the visitor clicks from.

Entrata PaaS

LeadManager is built on Entrata PaaS so your property only needs one login to access all data and reporting, as well as any other tools that you have enabled. Get the most out of LeadManager by pairing it with the following products:

Entrata Core 

Get robust accounting, purchasing, leasing and rents and facilities management with Entrata Core property management software.


Take action on LeadManager info by using ProspectPortal's powerful tools to move leads through all stages of your leasing process.

Leasing Center  

Using lead history displayed in LeadManager, our call center team will follow up on leads and help work them through the leasing process.


Simplify the leasing process by allowing applicants to sign leases online using digital signatures.

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